In the year 1946, when Heinz Liechti was 35 years old, he founded the Liechti Editions publishing group.


At the end of the second world war, after his good and loyal services under the Swiss army, Heinz Liechti, conductor and musician by training, returned to his passion for music and created his first musical editing company, MONDIAMUSIC Sàrl, on the 9th of march 1946.


MONDIAMUSIC then became one of the first Swiss companies to provide editing services to the neighboring countries of France and Germany, facilitating the performance of American English catalogues.


Foreseeing the scale and the importance of the American musical culture in the rest of the world, in 1950 Heinz Liechti created the SIMDEM Editions, thanks to his contacts in the United States. Then in 1965, he created GOOD TUNES Music.


Today, both companies oversee the copyrights to famous songs in the genres of Jazz, Blues, and Rock, like those of Morton Gould, Chuck Berry, or Francy Boland, among others.


In 1969, Bertrand Liechti joined the company. Shortly after, the group broke new ground developing a partnership with Brazil, which led to the setting up of I.M.G. Liechti & Cie, International Mélodies Genève. Very quickly, the group was working closely with great Brazilian composers such as Antonio Carlos Jobim or even Vinicius de Moraes.


For over 50 years, I.M.G. has represented, in 6 European countries, the group FERMATA DO BRASIL, one of the most important independent Brazilian editors, administrating diverse and varied  titles such as are« Desafinado », « Eu sei que vou te amar » or also « Chega de saudade ».


Liechti Editions was directed by Bertrand Liechti since more than 30years. Today, his son Gregoire manged the Group, include about ten companies such as SIDOMUSIC B. LIECHTI & CIE and manage more than 200'000 works all over the world. Gregoire is the third generation of a family company that prides itself on bringing together tradition and cutting-edge musical production.


For the past few years, the group has increased its involvement in the music industry, establishing a presence in the field of artists production such as in the creation of soundtracks for the international film industry.


Liechti's group is the largest group of independent musical  edition in Switzerland. The international management of Liechti's editions is conducted by its different affiliates throughout the world such as SIDOAMERICA, SIDOMUSIC UK, SIDOMUSIC GERMANY, SIDOMUSIC SPAIN, SIDOMUSIC CANADA or by its numerous international partners.


Involved in the defence of Swiss music songwriters, composers and publishers' rights, Heinz Liechti was a member of the board of directors and vice-chairman of the  SUISA (Royalties collecting Society for Swiss songwriters, composers and music publishers- Société Suisse pour les droits des auteurs d'œuvres musicales) from 1955 to 1983.


Since 2019,  Gregoire Liechti is member of the SUISA board .